Before & After Pictures

Before and After


Using Acuscope-Myopulse Microcurrent


Mastectomy Scar

reduced reduced  Scar puckering and roping smoothed out and redness reduced.

Painful Coumadin Bruise of Left Buttock

Treatment Pictures II May 2013 001       Treatment Pictures II May 2013 003       Treatment Pictures II May 2013 006     Treatment Pictures II May 2013 009   Five session, bruise cleared in one week.

Severe Ankle Swelling and Inflammation from Chipped Bone Injury 30 Years Ago

reduced reduced  Ankle and foot swelling reduced, pain reduced and full mobility returned.

Post-Surgical Scar

reducedreduced  After two sessions, redness reduced and scar smoothed.

Foot Ulcer

reduced reduced  Deep ulcer has actually begun it’s own self-repair with this procedure.

reducedreduced  Another ulcer in repair-mode.

Thumb and nerve cut

reduced   After first 25 minute treatment scab in place next morning due to thumb self-repairing.  Prior to 1st treatment just water and coconut oil.

After one week – 3 treatments