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Bio-Feedback Modulated Microcurrent for Pain and Stress 

Acuscope-Myopulse treatments have the effect of pain relief; increase the speed of wound healing; hasten the regeneration of injured connective tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia); stimulate lymphatic flow; and relieve Myofascial trigger points, knots, spasms, and tightness. This biotechnology helps to speed up naturally occurring self-repair processes both by general nervous system stress reduction and by improving conductivity in specific areas of connective tissue.  Recovery times shorten after surgery, less pain medication is required.  Accidents and injuries repair more quickly; nerves become calm again, reducing anxiety and relieving tension.

– like recharging your depleted batteries.


Bio-Feedback Regulated Technology

While there are other microcurrent devices in existence, this clinical system was the first to be introduced back in 1978.  Today, greatly refined and advanced, it is still the only self-adjusting (cybernetic) microcurrent bio-technology available in health care.   This health care applies to people and their extended family members of horses, dogs, cats and all other mammals.   Utilizing sophisticated, computerized programming, this procedure enhances the cells’ ability to self-repair by natural, non-invasive means until full recovery is achieved.  This may take time and persistence; but the end results are lasting with no negative side-effects.


Microcurrent Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse

Gentle, microcurrent provided from the most advanced bio-electrical technology available; providing non-invasive pain management and stress relief.  Both instruments used together comprise a complete Nero-Muscular System.


Microcurrent Acuscope is a highly sophisticated Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device. However, unlike ordinary TENS which serves to temporarily block pain signals with a blast of Milli-amperage current, the Acuscope helps to resolve underlying issues at a cellular level without any discomfort to the client. When nerve conductivity improves, results are remarkable.

Microcurrent Myopulse is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation device. However, unlike ordinary muscle stim that can elicit a contraction, tantalize tissue, and cause muscle fiber exhaustion with hi-voltage Milli-amperage current, the Myopulse delivers gentle, regenerative microcurrent.  Bio-compatible sloping wave-forms wash back and forth through muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia -restoring normal electrical potentials to contractile cells producing immediate and desirable changes by reducing strains and sprains, releasing knots, tightness and spasms, eliminating swelling as well as strengthening connective tissue.

Microcurrent Myopulse Facial offers great anti-aging results.  It is a safe and non-invasive session, which is non-surgical, and requires no needles or injections.  Microcurrent  improves collagen production and causes skin and underlying micro-muscles to become healthier from the inside out.  By improving cellular metabolism, lines and wrinkles begin to disappear, revealing a smooth, toned younger looking appearance.  Enjoy a relaxing facial that penetrates deeply to smooth away the years.